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How to Apply

1.    Verbal Preliminary Screening – Have preliminary screening conversation with an Intake Specialist, and get an immediate determination on eligibility to proceed with the assessment interview.

2.    Application – Fill out the forms (basic contact and medical information, and releases of information) thoroughly and completely, and return by fax or email.

3.    Assessment Interview – If deemed appropriate during the preliminary screening, a telephonic assessment interview will be scheduled. An Alaska Crossings clinician will speak to the youth and the parent/legal guardian. A separate call will be scheduled for support members such as counselors, therapists, probation officers, etc.​

4.    Admission Packet – Once clinically approved, an Intake Specialist will gather information to pre-fill the admission paperwork, and will send it by secure email or fax to the parent/legal guardian. The parent/legal guardian and the youth will review the forms and sign/date all signature lines.

Note: As an alternative to the verbal preliminary screening, professionals who have sufficient information may choose to fill out preliminary screening forms and submit those forms to our Intake Specialists.

Alaska Crossings processes applications and inquiries for new admissions March-November, 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday, except for major holidays. If a youth is in crisis, please call 911 or a crisis hotline for 24-hour assistance.
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